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Portable Ramps

Fixed, folding or telescopic. Our portable ramps are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Easy to take with you on trips or to places where there are no fixed ramps. With handles that are easy to fold up, a simple lock that you can open and close with one hand and excellent slip resistance.

Vehicle ramps

Our transport and tailboard ramps have a unique surface treatment that provides excellent grip and makes loading and unloading safe and easy. They are fastened to the car with our floor mounting plates and the ramp can be mounted and removed in one easy step. 

System and modular ramps

All homes are different. Therefore, our system ramps are available in different widths and lengths, and with turns of 22.5, 45, 90 or 180 degrees. The modules can be combined endlessly.

Threshold ramps

We are happy to help with home modifications and offer various threshold ramp and cover plate options. A threshold ramp can be installed on an existing threshold and
a cover plate can replace a threshold that is removed.

FEAL - The world's leading manufacturer of ramps

FEAL AB was founded in 1991 in Horndal, in the heart of the Bergslagen, with its traditionally rich history of metal and workshop companies. Feal has evolved from producing for the Nordic market to now selling all over the world.

With constant product development and refinement of existing products, Feal has a leading position as a manufacturer of ramps for persons with disabilities and aluminum ramps for the transport industry, both portable ramps and fixed modular ramps. Another significant product area is products for housing adaptation for people with disabilities. Here we can offer threshold ramps, cover plates and armrests that complement our different types of ramps.

We have full control over the entire production from stretch metal manufacturing to surface treatment. For you as a customer, it means that you can rationalize time-consuming and expensive intermediaries. As a customer of ours, you can count on a personal response colored by care of you as a customer.

Finding creative solutions to problems is among the best things we know

We gave our development team the task of creating the world’s lightest ramp. The requirement also meant they could only uses the best materials on the market in order to get a product that offer maximum freedom and safety for the user. The result is our new iRamp Carbon series, with ramps that are 30 % lighter than our competitors’ counterparts.