Buildable threshold ramp in recyclable plastic.
The system is crafted of durable synthetic material and is made from 95% recyclable materials. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. The parts are lightweight, strong, can be easily dismantled, come with a 5-year warranty and are maintenance free. A rubber hammer is required for assembly.

Buildable threshold ramp


iRamp Buildable - Product range

FB 1

Set 1
1-2 cm, 2x84x21cm 

FB 2

Set 2
2,5-4 cm, 4x84x33cm 

FB 3 

Set 3
4,5-6 cm, 6x84x45cm 

FB 4

Set 4
6,5-8 cm, 8x84x57cm

FB 5 

Set 5
8,5-10 cm, 10x84x69cm

FBH 22

Corner. 2-way drive

FBH 23

Corner. 3-way drive

FBH 32

Corner. 2-way drive

FBH 33

Corner. 3-way drive

FBH 42

Corner. 2-way drive

FBH 43 

Corner. 3-way drive

FBH 52 

Corner. 2-way drive

FBH 53

Corner. 3-way drive