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Portable Ramps

Vehicle ramps

Modular System Ramps

Choose between telescopic, folding and kerb ramps. Detachable rails that you can easily take with you and use whenever and wherever you need them.
Loading and unloading should be quick and easy while being done in a manner that is safe and constitutes a good working environment. We have flexible loading solutions for both businesses and private persons.
We offer standard or customised modular system ramps for permanent use when adapting homes.The complete ramp system is easy, lightweight and costeffective.

Standard installation BGR

Swivel Base

Buildable threshold ramp

World’s lightest ramp! iRAMP Carbon

We gave our development team the task of creating the world’s lightest ramp. The requirement also meant they could only uses the best materials on the market in order to get a product that offer maximum freedom and safety for the user. 
The result is our new iRamp Carbon series, with ramps that are 30 % lighter than our competitors’ counterparts.
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Feal production

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Load the AddSeat in to the car with ramps from Feal

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New video! - Installationsguide of modular ramp

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Vehicle adaptation - Feal Tailboard ramp

Quick and easy assembly with our adapter plate

Video T300 telescope ramp

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The rampbook

A book about us and our products.
A fact-packed book about us and what we stand for. Complete with all our products.

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FEAL AB was founded in 1991 in Horndal, the aluminum capital of Sweden. Horndal has a rich history of engineering companies and a long tradition of metal. During the last decade FEAL has evolved from being a local producer to both manufacturing and selling worldwide. With continuous product development and refinement of our products, FEAL moved to a leading position as a manufacturer of ramps and assistive devices made of aluminum. 
Our focus resides on portable ramps, vehicle ramps and modular system ramps. Our control of the value chain enables us to be agile and flexible. Swedish design and simplicity is the core of our manufacturing process, which enable us to present tailormade solutions. 


New article number for our portable ramps

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